Posted by: Brian | July 28, 2014

A Return to Blogging

It’s been a year since my last post. No real excuse for not blogging, just busy like everyone. I realize though that it is hard to have followers if I don’t write, so here goes. I just finished nine weeks of fieldwork on three different projects and am ready to start reporting on our discoveries.

I began my 2014 field season on Kiska Island in Alaska working with an interdisciplinary team of nine students and scientists. I’ll be able to blog about National Science Foundation funded work once we get a field report done.

Excavation at Kiska Island

Steve, Hans and Megan excavating in a house pit on Kiska Island (Kiska 2014).

A week after returning from Alaska, I joined a group of students and colleagues working on the Red Rock Ridge survey in western Minnesota. This survey is part of our Jeffers Archaeology Project. We have a Minnesota Legacy grant to look at rock art and habitation sites in the vicinity of the Jeffers Petroglyph site. I’m very excited about the results of this work. We walked a lot of prairie and found a number of sites. There’s even more work planned for this fall – we have been invited by a local farmer to survey their 300 acres along the Cottonwood River. The landowners showed us their artifact collection, so we know there are sites to be documented on this parcel. It should be fun.

Chelsea and Kevin shovel testing at the 'Slough site'. (Red Rock Survey, 2014)

Chelsea and Kevin shovel testing at the ‘Slough site’. (Red Rock Survey, 2014)

My third project was with James Myster of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We just completed our second field season investigating a mid 19th century lighthouse on Plum Island in Lake Michigan. The combination of dedicated students, great scenery, fascinating archaeology, and welcoming ‘islanders’ combined to make this a particularly enjoyable field project – almost a vacation on the lake. I’m looking forward to posting on all these projects, but at the moment I’m late for the lab.

Crew excavating the south wall of the 'kitchen' at the Plum Island lighthouse site. (Plum Island 2014)

Crew excavating the south wall of the ‘kitchen’ at the Plum Island lighthouse site. (Plum Island 2014)


  1. Good to have you back Brian! And it looks like you have been busy. For the past week I’ve been excavating houses made of sod, and I must say I’m envious of your stone kitchen. Patrick

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