Posted by: Brian | October 28, 2011

Hamline History in Video

Liesl and Forest watching David's video during the shoot.

I have yet to start video recording my fieldwork. I should. I actually ‘think’ in still images rather than video, if that makes any sense. I really appreciate videos that others make of our excavations. Hamline’s marketing staff made a really nice video when I taught my Hamline History class in 2009. This year I have two students, KJ and Emily B., taking video. KJ has already produced a little ‘teaser’ from the beginning of class that I think is really fun. My colleague, Dave Davies, also made a quick video the day we were joined by Hancock Elementary students. David used his Ipad and some simple editing tools to produce his video in a couple hours. It’s pretty fascinating how Youtube, Ipads, and inexpensive video cameras are changing how we record our lives. It’s also impressive to me how much talent there is in the people around me. It sure makes life interesting.

KJ Filming


  1. I always create a fun ‘what it was like’ video (really short – youtube length) for the participants (For an example from our Penguk Excavation google ‘mosquitoes and archaeology youtube’) and then another ‘official’ video notes video. In the latter I put in chapters for the various features, levels etc. I also put subtitles on it so you know what is being described etc. I find that I use my video notes when i want to see what it was really like on an excavation. I think they are just as important as my written notes, and I am appalled that more archaeologists don’t take them more seriously. We even include them on a DVD at the back of our reports!


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