Posted by: Brian | October 11, 2011

An Invitation to the Hamline Neighborhood

Neighborhood archaeology in action (from 2007)

Come dig with us. My students and I invite anyone interested in neighborhood history and archaeology to join our excavation at “Old Main” on Hamline University. You can come and watch, ask questions, or even help dig. We have opportunities for participants of all ages (including an art project). Children are particularly welcome, although we ask they be accompanied by an adult.

Old Main is in the center of Hamline campus (with the clock tower). We will be digging on the west side of the building where we are searching for evidence of the first campus building, University Hall, destroyed by fire in 1883. Our excavations at the site have already uncovered artifacts from the 1880’s that could be from this first building.

The open dig is scheduled for Saturday, October 15th between 10 AM and 2 PM. Participants wanting to dig (or help with the art work) should wear clothes that can get dirty. We’ll provide gloves and all other excavation equipment. Watch this blog for change in plans if the weather looks marginal on Saturday.

UPDATE: The weather looks good for tomorrow (although perhaps a little chilly).  To help warm us up, Ginkgo Coffeehouse is donating coffee and hot apple cider. Yea Ginkgos!

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