Posted by: Brian | October 1, 2010

Hamline History in the Lab

My lab class washing Hamline History artifacts

We’re starting lab work on the Hamline History excavations this fall. I’m excited to finally get some work done on these collections, but I do miss the Aniakchak midden samples.

We’re focusing on the 2009 materials recovered from the Hamline Methodist-Episcopal Church site. I love seeing all the trays of colorful glass. We’re going to have an impressive sample for analysis. We’ll have stained glass from both west and east sides of the building. I’ll be interested to see how the two compare in color proportions and in degree of fire damage. It’ll also be interesting to compare ratios of clear glass to get a sense of the different window types.

After Washing - a sample of glass and other artifacts recovered from the Church site.

We are collaborating this semester with the Museum class taught by Professor Davies. Last Thursday was our first meeting of the two classes. It was kind of exciting to talk about the collaboration. Everyone seems eager to get started, but a little unsure just where we’re going. As an educator, I like the wide-open prospect of our collaboration. Sometimes not knowing how a class is going to end is a good thing.

Metal artifacts from the Church site.


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