Posted by: Brian | March 20, 2010

Aniakchak Cores

Adam, Dave, and Forest analyzing Aniakchak's lithic cores

I’ve been negligent about posting to this blog. The Aniakchak report deadline is fast approaching. It’s hard for me to justify spending time on anything but analysis and writing. It’s stressful having too much to do, but I do love working in the lab. Today we analyzed all the flake cores and bipolar core/tools from Aniakchak. It’s neat to see all of them spread out on the table.

The bipolar core/tools are one of our most common lithic artifacts. Although cataloged as core/tools, most were probably not cores, but wedges. I suspect the reason we have so many is that they were useful in splitting bone and harder hard organics. I have not crunched the numbers, but it seemed like we had about equal numbers made from chert, chalcedony, and basalt.

The flake core assemblage was almost all chert and chalcedony. We have three or four amorphous cores of decent size. Everything else in this group were small fragments. It’s a little perplexing, the low number of cores.  We have plenty of bifaces and flake tools (and thousands of flakes), just not that many cores.

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