Posted by: Brian | November 18, 2009

Archaeology of a Sunday School Room

Three Scissors from Inside the Church

Three Scissors from Inside the Church

We’re finally excavating the burn debris layer inside the church and it’s proving to be a fascinating deposit. The highlight of Tuesday’s work was the recovery of three pair of children’s scissors in the debris next to the wall. These finds suggest we may be in the church’s Sunday School room, or perhaps where they stored their school supplies. We at least now know that the church interior was not cleaned of all the burned remains. It looks to me like we could have two or three feet of wood, ash, and artifacts inside the church. I expect we’ll start finding a lot of stuff during tomorrow’s dig. My only worry now is the snow that’s forecast for early next week. Will we be able to completely excavate the church interior or will winter force an end to our fieldwork?

Gao excavating on top of the foundation and Josh excavating the burned layer inside the church. Josh is digging where we found the three scissors.

Lauren, Josh, and Jamie excavating the burned layer underneath the limestone rubble. It looks like we could have a lot of digging left to do.


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