Posted by: Brian | October 21, 2009

Found – the Church Wall

Methodist Church Site - First View of the Wall

Methodist Church Site - First View of the Wall

I was starting to worry. After digging four units in our trench, we still had not found the east wall of the church. Saturday, with the help of neighborhood volunteers and a girl scout troop, we expanded our trench one meter further east. There was still no sign of the wall by the end of our Saturday dig. As it turned out, though, our last level on Saturday was just a trowel scrape from the top of the wall. My students quickly started uncovering large limestone blocks and chunks of burned wood when we returned to the church site on Tuesday. What a relief. We can expand our excavation inside the church now that we have a wall to guide us.

(More on Saturday’s neighborhood archaeology open dig below)

Neighborhood Archaeology - Saturday, October 17th

Neighborhood Archaeology - Saturday, October 17th

Saturday’s dig was one of our best days this year, despite not hitting the wall. The sun was bright and the volunteers were dedicated. We moved a lot of dirt – which made it possible for us to find the wall so quickly when my class started digging again.

The kids provided the day’s highlight. The older kids were really hard workers. I was amazed at how tough they were as I watched them dig, screen, and hauling dirt. The younger kids kept us all entertained with their enthusiasm for every pretty rock they found. What a fun day.

Father, Son, and Boot

Father, Son, and Someone's Boot

Screening with Adam

Screening with Adam

Another Pretty Rock

Another Pretty Rock


  1. Sometimes those ‘pretty rocks’ actually turn out to be something!!! Your latest excavation looks to be quite the community effort. How fun! Hoping for better weather for the remainder of the season.

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