Posted by: Brian | October 15, 2009

A Good Day-Bad Day

Jamie and Hancock Elementary students practice drawing floorplans.

Jenou and Bee drawing artifacts with Jamie's help (Photo by Shakira Jones).

Thursday started out as a very good day. We spent our first hour digging with the Hancock Elementary students, but then we ended our day in a muddy mess.  The weather was relatively nice while we worked with the Hancock students (and by relatively nice, I mean low 40s and cloudy, but no rain or snow). We went to the church site after the Hancock students left only to find that our trench had a stream running through it. We diverted the water into one unit, so that we could dig in the other three units. The muddy soil was impossible to ‘dry’ screen. Instead we water screened using a hose we found in one of the church gardens. Just about everyone was wet and muddy by the end of the day. Surprisingly my students did not revolt. I even thought I saw a few smiles – although those could have been students plotting their revenge on their professor. I can never tell those two looks apart.

Our muddy trench at the Church site.

I’ve posted additional photos from Tuesday, October 15th below.

April 'smiling' while digging mud at the Church site.

April 'smiling' while digging mud at the Church site.

Chris and Hancock students excavating.

Hancock students Pau V and Daliang excavating with Chris (photo by Shakira Jones).

Karyn screening with Hancock students.

Karyn screening with Daliang and Pau V (Photo by Shakira Jones).

Transit Work

Ieasha learning to use a transit (Photo by Shakira Jones)


  1. Should have switched sites with me, I spent all summer working a wetsite.

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