Posted by: Brian | May 22, 2009

I’ll be right back

I leave tomorrow for the Rat Island project. I might be able to post an update from the field through a satellite phone link. If not, I’ll have something interesting to report when I return in mid-June.


  1. Good luck out in the Aleutians. We just got back from a 10 day survey of Karluk Lake and River. We found 23 new sites and mapped 244 house pits. We also collected a lot of fauna – amazing how people carried clams and mussles so far inland to eat. Can’t wait to hear what you found in the Aleutians!


  2. I have a frame of artifacts that come from the Rat Islands. If your interested I can send you a picture

  3. Still waiting to hear what you found, but who am I to complain – You are still in the field! I’m actually commenting simply to tell you that all last week we were mapping and testing the site just downriver of your old stomping grounds on the King Salmon River. We tried, but failed to get as pretty a picture of the Volcano and Lupin flower that you put on the cover of your report. Patrick

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