Posted by: Brian | April 6, 2009

Tiny, Tiny Point

I’ve written before about Aniakchak’s small chipped stone points. Here’s one we just found while cataloging the last bags from our 2005 field season. It’s bifacially flaked (in fact, it’s a biface with none of the original ventral flake surface remaining). It measures a mere 10.3 mm in length, 6.0 mm in width, and 1.8 mm in thickness. My guess is that archaeologists would typically interpret these small points as part of a toy. The number of small points at Aniakchak, however, makes this interpretation unlikely.

Looking at the photo as I write this post, I’m struck again at the tiny size, of this otherwise standard contracting base point. I am intrigued to see it is missing a portion of the haft – perhaps an indication of use? I look forward to the time when we are done sorting and cataloging and I can look at all the points from the site and start some real analysis.


  1. […] but Brian thinks they are more likely to be tools. He’s certainly finding a lot of them, and he keeps on finding them. How many points do you have to find before you start thinking they have a serious […]

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