Posted by: Brian | March 30, 2009

Excavating Hamline History – Fall 2009

Hall of Science excavation class (2004)

Hall of Science excavation class (2004)

This post is for Hamline students interested in registering for my fall class ANTH 3130: Excavating Hamline History.

This class is a unique opportunity to participate both on an archaeological excavation and in an interdisciplinary and collaborative project. It’s an interdisciplinary class because of the students. Each of you is asked to contribute to the overall project goals based on either your major studies or other areas of interest and expertise that you have. Your contribution may be in a research area – where you apply your research skills to questions about the site, or the artifacts, or the historical background. The first time I taught this course we excavated Hamline University’s original Hall of Science, a three story brick building constructed in 1887. I had a chemistry major that analyzed the chemical composition of the building’s bricks, a history major that collected oral history accounts from alumni and faculty, an economics major that analyzed 125Hall of Science artifacts (2004) year-old bills and receipts from the building’s construction, and an archaeology student who analyzed the distribution of glass artifacts recovered in our excavations.

Other students contributed by presenting and interpreting our project in various media including designing a web site, filming a video, writing a play, printing posters, and putting together an exhibit. We also had an education major that brought over Hancock 6th graders so they could experience archaeology first hand. Our philosophy major examined the ethics of archaeology. And our environmental studies major looked at the intersection of environmental protection and cultural resource management laws.

The point is, you can pursue just about any idea you want. What you need is an ability to collaborate on other people’s projects and an enthusiasm for interdisciplinary archaeology. If this sounds interesting then write a brief comment to this post outlining what ways you could contribute to this fall’s class. Also tell me a little bit about yourself (including your major and year). Finally, I would like to know why you are interestedHall of Science excavation (2004) in joining the class and what you hope to gain from your participation. You may want to look at my old blog for posts tagged as “Hamline History” to get a better idea of what this class is all about.

If you take this class be prepared for a challenge, some fun, and a non-traditional educational experience.


  1. Someone has to be first right?
    Well, I’m a political science major with minors in art history and conflict studies. I’ve taken intro to anthro and really like it- unfortunately I didn’t have time to take any other classes. I’ll be a senior next year.
    I’m interested in this class because I’d like to be able to apply what I know about art to what we dig up. It’s amazing how much you can tell about people by the type of art and pottery they make.
    Along with this goes the conflict and politics of the time. I’d love to research the time period and see how what was going on in the political sphere that may have influenced what we find.
    I’d like to gain a better understanding of Hamline’s community and the history that we have. I’ve researched a bit about Hamline because I wrote about it for the Oracle and found it fascinating. I’d love to learn more and actually get to see and dig up some history myself. This class is a very unique and interesting class that allows all majors to work together- something we don’t get to do very often.
    I’m excited to see what happens!

  2. Hi everyone, my name is Cassandra Suchomel and I will be a senior next year. I’m double majoring in Legal Studies and Sociology and I saw this class and thought it sounded soo much more interesting than the other “normal” science classes because it lets all of us combine our strengths and learn from each other. I’ve only taken intro to anthropology but I think I could bring a unique opinion to this class with of the legal side of archeology and what it takes to get to that point. I really hope I get the opportunity to take this course!


  3. Hello everyone, I will be a junior in the fall an I’m a double major in art history and business administration with a concentration in finance, as well as a Spanish certificate. I’m interested in this class for a ton of reasons. The concept of getting out of the classroom and working together with a group of students sounds like a welcome change from lecture-based classes. Also, I think that if we all contribute in a way that is interesting and exciting to us we will all benefit greatly from the class as well as from each other. Finally, my real passion in the art history field is the history of architecture. I can think of no better way to get a hands-on look at archeology as it relates to architecture then to actually go outside and do it.

    Oh, another reason I would be thrilled to take this course. I am a member of the Hamline Student Alumni Board; we serve as a link between current and past Hamline students. Leaning more about Hamline history would be a unique way for me to better relate to past students and to show them that current Hamline students actively involved of the preservation and discovery of Hamline history that they helped to create.

    I hope to meet you all soon!!!


  4. Greetings! My name is Cassandra (Cassy) and I will be a sophmore next year. I am undecided on a major as of this point but I will minor in education. I come from a small dairy farm in Northern Minnesota and I have always had a passion for history and cultural issues. I have taken a few classes about education and focused on my career path and I really would like to work with people from other majors and backgrounds.
    I found this course and thought it to be very interesting. I feel I could learn a lot from the other students in the class as well from the community involvement. I want to be able to challenge myself of different levels.
    I hope I can bring a possitive influence into the class and give us all subjects to discuss. I have studied cultural barriers that face America’s youth today and hope I can contribute this information into the course. I believe that being able to work with a diverse group of people would be a wonderful experience.
    I also love being able to get out of the classroom and do some hands on activities. I am looking forward to hearing more about all of you.

  5. Hello! My name is Kayla and I am going to be a sophomore next year. I am thinking about majoring in mathematics, with a chance of that changing, with a minor in elementary education with a specialty in math. I am from a suburb of the twin cities. I am very involved in volunteer work. I have received two presidential volunteer awards for doing over 100 hours of community service in a year. I have always loved learning about old buildings and the history of towns or how things got started.
    I was looking through the course list for fall 2009 and came upon this class and it was one of few that caught my eye. This class interested me because my great grandma, great grandpa, and some great aunts went to Hamline in the thirties. I am really interested in to find out what Hamline was like when they went to school here. I love hearing what other people have to say. I like taking on challenges.
    I hope to bring good contributions to class discussions and positive influences to the class. During J-term I studied the barriers of culture that the youth of America face today. Being able to work with people from many backgrounds is a wonderful thing to experience. I currently work at Hancock Elementary school and working with students from many backgrounds has made a positive impact on my life.

    I hope to be able to meet you all next fall!!


  6. Hello All,
    I’m Kate, a senior Global Studies major with minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Coming out of an interdisciplinary major program in which we take many of our classes within other departments and with other majors, I am excited about another opportunity to take class with a diverse group of people.
    I love learning about different people and cultures and will be traveling to Chile this summer to do research. I also love learning about Hamline history, as it is a key part of my job as a tour guide. One of my favorite tours of the year is during alumni weekend where they basically give us the tour, telling us all about what Hamline life was like when they attended the school. When I am in the Admissions House waiting to give tours, I frequently read a book of Hamline history and get all geeked out about the topic. My roommates like to tease me when I tell them about a new fun Hamline fact that I learned. Yup, I’m cool.
    I love to do research about just about anything, but being able to not only read about Hamline’s history, as well as being able to physically hold a piece of it in my hands, would be amazing.

  7. Hey everyone,
    My name is Rachel and I’ll be a senior in the fall. I’m double majoring in history and political science and would love to take this course. This class would be awesome for as a history major because it gives me the opportunity to explore history hands on. I would get the chance learn more about local history, which I have yet to learn much about.
    I also like that this class does not have one concrete focus. I am so used to taking multiple history and political science classes and I think this class would allow me to understand different disciplines.
    Hope to work with you all next semester!

  8. Hello everyone!
    I’m Chris and I will be a sophomore. I am a possible communications major with an education minor, and a desire to become a teacher. I feel that the class would be a good fit for me because I like being involved with group activities and that the interactive style of the course would be a fun way to learn.
    I am interested in learning more about how Hamline was at its beginning and how it has changed into what it is today.
    I hope to bring a positive energy and a unique perspective to class discussions. I work at Caribou Coffee and come across a variety of caffeine-addicts. I enjoy hearing and learning from those with perspectives different from my own.
    Hope to meet all of you!

  9. Hello All,
    My name is Matt Sindelar. This coming fall I will be a senior at Hamline majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Asian studies. I am currently studying abroad in India and am living in Varanasi, arguably the oldest living city in the world, for the next month or so. Thus far it has been a really fantastic experience.
    I became interested in this class through some of my fellow anthro majors who I’ve talked to about the class. There have also been some other courses I’ve taken at Hamline that have tied in the neighborhood and greater Midwest that have piqued my interest in this class. Not being from Minnesota I do not know much about the history of this part of the country or our school/neighborhood and the more I learn the more curious I am about all the little details. I would love to get some hands on experience, give archaeology a whirl and to learn about the community that I now call home.
    As a photographer for ‘The Oracle’ I am somewhat handy with a camera in my hand for documenting the project. I also have experience at conducting ethnographic research, doing interviews and working on oral histories thanks to my work in India and throughout my anthropological studies.
    I look forward greatly to meeting all of you and getting to work on this amazing project.

  10. Hello,

    My name is Serri Graslie and I will be a senior in the fall– I am an anthro major (socio-culturally focused) with philosophy and music minors. I also have a background in journalism and spend way too much time at the Oracle.

    I’ve been interested in taking a hands-on archaeology class since I took Minnesota Archaeology as a first-year. Unfortunately, that class (and weather) never really allowed us to explore the locations we were discussing. I also did a semester-long project with three other students where we each took a different focus on a single topic and wrote a large paper. My group studied the early fur trade in Minnesota; others researched archaelogical, women’s studies and linguistic takes on the subject while I studied the cultural politics of interrmarriage between traders and American Indian groups.

    I loved that opportunity for its holistic take on archaeology, a subfield that I haven’t spent a large amount of time with. I would hope to utilize both my socio-cultural and journalism backgrounds on this project, and perhaps take an ethnographic approach of some kind.

  11. Hey Guys!
    My name is Tescia Veldhouse and I’m majoring in American Law and Legal Studies with minors in English and Legal Studies with a paralegal certificate.
    I took Into to Anthropology and found it interesting and so when I saw this class listed I saw it as an opportunity to get hands on experience to some of the concepts we learned. The idea of digging in the earth to find things that have been left there by prior generations excites me. It would be so rewarding to actually find something that has Hamline history attached to it.
    I think the opportunity of working with a group of students uncovering part of Hamline’s history would be a once in a lifetime experience.
    I’m excited to meet everyone!


  12. Hello,

    My name is Josh Wilken-Simon and I will be a senior next year. I am a Political Science major with Urban Studies and Communications minors. I am really interested in taking Excavating Hamline History next year. I have been fascinated by archeology and archeological sites for years. I just recently traveled to Egypt for a January study abroad. While we were touring the country many of the sites we visited were still being excavated. I was able to talk to some of the archeologists in Egypt and they told me how valuable this art is. This fascinated me and I would love to travel back to Egypt to get on a dig and see what history is lying underneath the sand. Excavating Hamline History sounds like a great class to get my first experience in archeology. As a political science major, I would love to examine the politics that were taking place in Minnesota history during the time of Hamline’s beginning. I worked on the 2008 campaign for the MN DFL where I did grassroots organizing and I was able to meet and have discussions with thousands of people. With this experience I would be able to help organize groups of people from our community to come check out the archeological site. I was thinking it would be valuable to bring a group of Hamline-Midway neighbors to see the history of their neighborhood. Hope to see you all in the fall,

  13. Hey everyone. My name is Callie Jacobson and right now I am a third year student and Hamline. I am majoring in criminal justice and minoring in conflict studies.

    I read the content for excavating Hamline history and it’s a class that sounds really exciting to me. I like the fact that it is very hands on. This gives students a chance to feel like they are outside digging to find something important of their own. It adds a new and interesting element to the normal school day where taking classes and reading out of books is the basis for what we do. This gives us an opportunity to participate in the findings and then move towards deciphering what they are!

  14. Hey friends. My name is Rachelle. I will be a senior next year, majoring in Social Justice with a minor in Education. I am from Wisco.

    Basically I am really pumped about this class. I am working on a documentary film about the Hamline clock tower, which has signatures in it from students from as early as 1901. This project involves investigating Hamline’s history and meeting alumni who have signed their names. So this class and my project could totally be best friends.

    I am also interested in this class because I would love working with Hancock students on the project. I was a preschool teacher before I came to Hamline and would like to have my full teaching license soon enough. Kids are sweet!

    I am really hoping that I can be a part of this experience. I really like the idea of exploring Hamline’s past history and creating history for future students at the same time.

  15. Hey all, my name is Adam and I’m going to be one of two or three TAs next fall. I’m an anthro major focusing on archaeology, and I’ll be a senior next year. This summer I’ll be going to a field school right outside of Olympia, Washington for about two months. It’s a really cool site in Puget sound with a wet component with lots of preserved organics, I’m really excited about it. Anyway it should hopefully give me enough experience in actual excavation techniques that I should be able to answer any of your question.
    So far the range in backgrounds of the people who have responded looks pretty diverse. I’ll be interested in seeing how everybody brings their majors into this class, it should be a lot of fun.
    Also, even though there is no schedule posted, we are always looking for volunteers to help out in the archaeology lab over in the basement of Drew Science. Stop by sometime if you’re interested, I’m usually around Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, and there’s usually someone around in the afternoon most days.
    I look forward to meeting you all next fall.

  16. Hello everyone my name is larry, i am a sociology major in my third year at hamline.
    i feel that like Rachelle stated it would be a great
    Opportunity to work with the kids of hancock. At hamline i am a fellow for the program Mcvay and i am also apart of E.O.T.O.
    The majors and people i would have to say also vary and would make for a interesting but wonderful semster.

  17. Hi all,
    This class looks like an amazing opportunity. When this class was offered before, my ears perked up, and now I am at a point where I am able to fit this into my schedule.

    I am a junior German and Global Studies major. Some of my passions that my majors don’t necessarily highlight include social justice—specifically, racial and gender equality, leadership, and working to empower youth people. I work at the McVay Youth Partnership with high school-aged urban learners and “at risk” youth. It is basically the highlight of my life.

    Along with bringing my various passions and interests to the class, I bring my values of maintaining an optimistic attitude, building relations in order to understand, and embracing discomfort.

    As far as the class goes, I have some anthro experience (like Special Topics: Body and Culture: A Comparative Study and Culture and Africa, Music, & Cultural Production) and have an interest in anthropology concepts and ideas—especially as they relate to Global Studies! I don’t have any archeology experience, but I am a quick learner and I don’t mind getting dirty!

    Hope to meet you all in the fall!

  18. I’m enjoying reading all your comments. We should have a great group this year. I planning on giving prospective students until the end of Thursday to add their names to the list. I’ll send an email out on Friday announcing who is accepted into the class. My recommendation is that Juniors and Seniors register for a back-up class so that you don’t lose out on your second choice when all the Sophomores and First Years get to start registering. It’s not a big deal to drop and add classes. Feel free to ask questions on this blog if you have any concerns about the registration process – or you can send me an email.

  19. Hello all,
    My name is Alec and I will be a senior at Hamline this fall. I am a history major with minors in sociology and Latin American studies. This class sounds really exciting and completely different from any other classes I have taken here.
    I am most interested in learning about the history of this area and this community. I know so little about Hamline’s past and I can’t wait to find out more about what this place was like long ago.
    This class seems like a great way to take a more hands-on approach to history and also to learn from other students from different backgrounds and disciplines. I look forward to meeting you and getting to work together on such an awesome project.

  20. Hey my name is Samantha and i will be a Senior in the fall. I am double majoring in Legal Studies, Social Justice with a minor in Criminal Justice and a Paralegal certificate.
    This class sounds interesting to me because I am interested in Hamline’s history and what surrounds the campus. I think that this class will help crave my interest of not only the history of the school but Minnesota by hands on learning experience. I have never had the opportunity to participate in something like this and i feel that it would be a great experience.
    As a Legal Studies/Social Justice major I would bring to class the legal aspect of things surrounding the class curriculum.
    I look forward to working with everyone and learning from the diversity that the class offers.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone,

  21. Hi everyone,
    My name is Shakira but i prefer to go by Kira. I’m writing because I am also interested in taking this course in the fall. I am a second year at Hamline and a legal studies/ paralegal major with a Philosophy minor. I want to take this course to further my understanding of archeology, and pursue my love of history and archeology. I’m not one for writing so I’ll just jump right in, with what I hope to contribute. Because I am a Legal studies major,I have a great since of detail and I often catch things that others don’t see. I believe that’s a good thing to have when dealing with archeology because in order to have a good search you have to be able to spot tiny things. I really enjoy a good search for things, hints my major and when I was young I use to dig up my parents yard, in the hopes of finding some kind of Dinosaur bone, but all I ever found was rocks, I’m proud to say that I have huge rock collection. But back to the class, I am also into landscape photography as a hobby and I could take photographs of things that were found at the sites as another contribution. I’m really excited to take this course.

  22. Hello everybody,

    My name is Kyle, and I’m going to be a sophomore next year at Hamline. I’m an art history major with religion minor, and I’m considering adding anthropology as another minor as well.

    I’m interested in this class because I find art history and archaeology to be linked, and I would love to get some hands on excavation experience at Hamline to see for myself how my art history knowledge will complement what I learn and potentially dig up in class. Hopefully with my three plus years of art history knowledge I can bring an artistic lens and perspective to the class and perhaps relate it to works of art other students are familiar with. I also have some anthro experience, as I took the intro course in the fall and can apply that base knowledge to what we do in class.

    All in all, I’m simply interested in Hamline’s background and the history that comes with its century and a half old existence. I’m excited to learn more about this!


  23. Hey guys,

    My name is Gabe. I am a junior at Hamline and I am currently studying abroad in Spain until the beginning of July. I am a Psychology major and minoring in Anthropology and Spanish. I am very interested in taking this class because of the unique experience that it offers. I believe the best way to learn is in groups; being able to collaborate all our different backgrounds and interests, and learning from one another.

    Being that I am a native to the Hamline-Midway area, this surely is a class I will take very seriously. What I believe I can offer to this course is my ability to work very well with other people and keep a very open mind to everyone’s input. I also very much enjoy the challenge of analyzing foreign objects in terms of what it was used for, who used it, etc. As a Psychology major, I analyze people rather than objects, however I believe the same practice can be applied to both.

    What I hope to get out of this class is to acquire a deeper understand of the neighborhood in which I grew up in. Also, being that this class appears as if it will consist of people with very different backgrounds, I hope to obtain an even broader open mind from the beginning and being able to put input into excavating Hamline’s history!


  24. Hi everyone,
    My name is Alisha and I am going to be a senior this coming fall. I am double majoring in Sociology and Urban Studies. The class description seems like something I would be very interested in. I also have heard many good things about the class in the past.

    I really would like to join this class because it would be a new experience for me. I enjoy learning about the history of cities and discovering what it looked like many years before. I currently lifeguard and teach swim lessons to the Hancock students and really enjoy working with them.

    I feel like I would bring a lot to the group because I have a positive energy and really enjoy being there to discover new things. I am also a very hard worker and like to finish everything I start. I would love to learn more about the neighborhood I live in and get another chance to work with the Hancock students because I think it is a great experience for them. I hope to get the chance to learn more next Fall.


  25. Good afternoon,

    My name is Chris Winebrenner and I am here to express an interest in enrollment for this course in the fall of 2009. I am a computer science and business administration double-major. I am interested in participating in this class because, as my majors have limited me, rarely do I get the chance to undertake courses geared toward natural discovery and never do I foresee myself getting the chance to “play in the dirt” again. This is a great opportunity for me to balance all of the numbers that pass through my head regularly with a challenge far different than any I have ever experienced.

    However, while my majors may limit my academic experience with certain humanities, especially anthropology, the regular experience that I have in class would make a class such as this all the more fascinating and compelling. My majors encourage that I think critically and sequentially, which I believe could be heavily utilized in a course geared toward the analysis of new excavations and findings.

    The types of things I predict taking away from this course include a true appreciate for the long and colorful history of our university and a welcomed experience with nature and the cultural aspects inherent to this sort of discovery. I am also excited to get the chance to fulfill a natural science that I believe I can truly remember and cherish for what it was.

    I look forward to speaking with you all soon and best of luck in your course selections!

    – Chris

  26. Hello everyone!

    My name is Karyn Cave and I will be a junior next year. I’m majoring in English with a minor in sociology. This class is unlike any other natural science I’ve heard of offered at Hamline. I’m interested in taking it because, unlike any other “N” available, I would get more out of it than just a requirement on the Hamline Plan. I believe this course will be more than a class but an experience because our own individual skill, talent and personality will be encouraged and put to good use.

    Personally, I will bring an optimistic attitude and a willingness and curiosity to learn. I have taken several other Anthropology classes that I have absolutely adored. I am from Denver and have feel in love with the cities. I would love to know more about the history of St. Paul and especially Hamline. As an English major with an interest in media / film studies for my project I’d be curious to document our adventures and findings, whether it be on paper with text or film with images.

    Thank you so much! Hope to see you all next Fall!


  27. Good evening, everyone!

    My name is April Palo. I am a Religion and Psychology double-major with a minor in Philosophy. I am a sophomore this year, but am a junior in credits. I’m also the co-leader of Multifaith Alliance and a Presidential Scholar.

    First of all, I am a huge, huge, huge history fan, especially when it comes to the Twin Cities and Hamline history itself. I am entranced when browsing the Minnesota Historical Society’s photo collection, and am addicted to finding old drawings, buildings, and photographs of Minnesota. I absolutely love the idea of getting to explore these passions with a new understanding of method, meaning, and exploration.

    I will be the first to admit that my academic knowledge of archaeology and history have, so far, been limited to my studies in religious history – or when my voracious appetite for knowledge gets me addicted to the History Channel! That being said, I feel that I do have a strong background and sense of mission for learning, exploring, and discovering new information, and I am thrilled to venture into new ways of thinking about my world.

    This class sounds like a wonderful opportunity for me to stretch my legs and get my hands dirty, and a great way to improve and nuance my own education. I love, love, love the idea of the class, and can’t wait to get involved!

    I hope to see each of you next fall, and I look forward to meeting those of you I haven’t yet met. Thank you!

    April Palo

  28. Hi everyone!

    My name is Tara Slaughter. I will be a junior here at Hamline this coming fall. I am a psychology major with a sociology minor. I am also involved on campus with being an active member of Peer Education and Delta Tau Sorority.

    When I saw this class I knew it was something I would want to take. Although I am just submitting my post, I am very interested. I have lived in the Twin Cities my whole life and would love to learn a little histoy and Hamline history is even better. 🙂 I love that with this class it is a hands on learning experience. I have taken Intro to Anthropology and really enjoyed it.

    I think working with the community will be great, a good chance to be more involved outside the school. I work at our Admissions house now helping put on events and have a lot of experience working with others and alone. I hope to bring that experience to the group along with my dedication and strong work ethic. Every day will be a new exciting day for me in this class I believe!

    I can’t wait to dig in and hope I will be meeting you all next fall! This is an awesome oportunity!

    Tara Slaughter

  29. My name is Miles Bard and I am a sophomore Theatre Arts and History double major from Portland, Oregon. I want to take this class because it ties in with interest in history, and will give me a hands-on experience in unearthing the past while working with people from many different disciplines. I also want to expand my area of study from a mostly European perspective to other histories. I will bring my background in historical studies to the class; my training in creating a historical narrative would be an interesting addition to the group.

  30. Greetings and salutations,

    My name is Jamie Dean, and I am currently a sophomore at Hamline. I am an Anthropology major, and I’m really excited about taking excavating Hamline history next fall. I’ve wanted to explore archaeology more ever since I learned more about it in Intro to Anthropology, but until now my schedule has never given me the chance. Also, learning more about the history of this area (which, I must admit, I know nothing of) through the recovery of artifacts would be an amazing introduction! Also, I am studying archaeology abroad in spring 2010, and wanted to be able to understand and recognize the academic differences between American and European archaeology. Thanks for your time, and hopefully I’ll see some of you soon!


    • In addition to this, in my years at Hamline I have considered being a biology major, a chemistry major, and an English major, so I have a wide range of skills ranging from strong writing abilities to an in-depth understanding of general chemistry. With this strong base and the anthropological background I have, I feel like I could participate in many different aspects of the excavation, and would be a strong asset to an end-of-the-term writing project summarizing our results.

  31. Hello everyone!

    My name is Gaonuchee Vang, but since most people find it hard to say, you can all call me Gao. I will be a senior this coming fall. I am majoring in Art History and Psychology, and I am definitely considering minor in Anthropology.

    I guess what really got me interested in this class, other than my dream of becoming an Archeologist when I was a little girl, was a class I took called Museum/ Exhibition/ Representation with Dr. Davis this past fall where I got an insight on Dr. Hoffman’s incredibly awesome class (I never knew that Hamline offered Archeology courses). Our final project for that class was to create an exhibition based on the Hamline Village Project and to use the findings from the archeological dig. I learned so much about Hamline’s History, but obviously that wasn’t enough for me because here I am anxious to get into this class. As I’ve said, I learned so much about Hamline’s history, but there is still so much more to learn and new discoveries to be made. You can never know too much or enough about something.

    With my Art History background, I will be able to offer more than just an artistic perspective/ expression to this class. Art history deals with more than just “ART” or history. In fact, it is a combination of a variety of areas of studies such as psychology, philosophy, and anthropology. I hope that I will get the opportunity to contribute a variety of perspectives as well as my knowledge gained from the Museum class.


  32. Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Barnes and I am a History and Middle East Studies double major. I’ll be a junior next year at Hamline. I want to take this class because it seems like an oppotunity that doesn’t come and go in someone’s life; this is a chance to actually get your hands dirty in digging up history, not just read about it constantly. I don’t know very much about either Hamline’s or Minnesota’s histories, but I feel that as a History Major it’s something that I should understand and I want to be more well rounded as a history major. I also want to take this class because, being a Middle East Studies major, I feel that a basic knowlage of archeology and how it works could help me in my studies abroad
    What could I bring to this group? When it comes to History, I actually want to work hard to understand it. It also allows me to have a unique perspective on what we find and see, as well ashow these things connect as a part of history and the story they tell. I also love kids, and I have both a ‘buddy’ and tutor a kindergarten class at Hancock three days per week. I think that bringing the Hancock kids to the dig site would be such a fun, educational field trip for them; it would be so cool.
    Thank you for considering me for this class! I’m really excited to see if I can get in!!

  33. Hey All!

    My name is Saraya Boghani and I am a (lowly) first-year. After reading the many comments left by all of you I am astounded, although I don’t know why, at the amazing amount of backgrounds interested in this class. I can relate. After reading the class description something sparked my interest and here I am.

    I have no Anthropological background nor am I planning on majoring in Anthropology, but that’s not set in stone. Thus far, I have taken classes in Communications, Religion, Journalism, Spanish, Studio Art, and English. I’ve enjoyed all of them and love finding all the ways the various departments intertwine. That is why I’m so excited about this class, it essentially makes the connections of past and present and everything in between.

    So far I’ve taken a liking to English as a major and Spanish and Communications as a double minor, but nothing has been declared. Perhaps Archaeology will be my calling.

    As for my background, I’m from a small town just outside the suburbs of Minneapolis and will be an R.A. in Drew next year. I love getting involved on campus and what’s a better way to do that than exploring what’s buried beneath.

    I also work for the Office of Service-Learning and Volunteerism and am a member of Students Together Organizing Volunteer Events (S.T.O.V.E.) and have been able to get to know the Hamline-Midway community through both organizations. Being able to see what the community has transformed from is a big part of the excitement I have for this class. I suppose I’ve written plenty for now but I can’t wait for this hands-on opportunity and seeing everyone next fall.


  34. Hi 🙂

    My name is Lindsey and I will be a senior next year at Hamline. I am a Sociology major and Women’s Studies minor. I’ve taken several classes in the Anthropology department (Intro to Anthropology, Ancient Civilizations of SE Asia, and Cultural Ecology) and enjoyed them all.

    Archeology has always fascinated me. I remember as a kid I’d be chiseling rocks from the road or digging holes in my back yard. I have never really had an opportunity to “dig into” a real archeological experience, but I hope to be involved in this one here on campus. I have always had an interest in where things came from and how they got their. My passion has been Sociology but that has never taken my interests away from archeology and anthropology.

    I think my outgoing and ready for anything attitude would bring a lot to the group. I am willing and ready to do what it takes to get the most out of this experience. I am always up for a challenge and this is right up my alley! My background in sociology would bring an interesting perspective on the history we learn while excavating. I am excited to learn and discover the history of Hamline. I hope to see you next fall!

    Lindsey Markuson

  35. Hi Gang,

    I’m going to stop accepting anymore applications via this blog. There are 32 students for 18 seats. All of you could easily be included in the class. I’m going to have a very hard job whittling the number down. I must admit this process makes me a little sad. I love archaeology and I enjoy sharing my passion for research with as many students as possible. I wish there was a way to include all of you in the class. My selection process will focus primarily on getting as much diversity in disciplinary perspectives as possible. I’ll email everyone by Friday with information on your status.

    I want to thank all of you for taking the initiative that this application process requires. I enjoyed reading your comments and thinking about ways to incorporate your interests and abilities into the Hamline History project.

  36. Hi Guys,
    My name is Amanda and I am also going to be a TA for the class next fall. I see that I am a little late in posting as Brian isn’t even accepting any more apps but hopefully everyone will get the chance to read this before next fall.
    I will be a Senior next year and I am double majoring in Anthro with a focus on Archaeology and History. I actually took this class Fall 2007 and it was possibly my favorite class that I have taken at Hamline. I have also been volunteering and/or working in the Archaeology Lab for about a year now so I should be able to help out with any questions relating to Lab or field methods. I am really excited for the class and I know it will be lots of fun for those who are willing to get their hands dirty and I look forward to meeting/seeing you all next fall.

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